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Advantage folding corrugated hose
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 11, 2015

1, and has superior of follow sex due to corrugated tube sealed itself full closed structure, in structure Shang elimination has general spring sealed in the by will some movement ring and sleeve (or axis) of moving sealed circle, makes corrugated tube itself of play rate full was using to formed than pressure (and General sealed due to sealed circle of exists, in moving ring sleeve occurred relative displacement Shi needed consumption part balance force. Seals and bushings (or axis) between the friction makes it, balance the size of the force by the seal of the precision of machining size restrictions and heat treatment, displayed its superior follow. Use process, the General often because of mechanical sealing device fluctuations or process caused by various reasons, such as pump time, ring seals exist to reset the end cannot be timely after opening, causing leakage of mechanical seals and bellows mechanical seal in structured ways of eliminating the seal failure. Hardly influence of pump time, shows its good compensation and, in time of light hydrocarbon pumps, decompression Tower bottom pump, pump performance, this feature is a bellows seal is a major reason for popularity.

2, and resistance high temperature sex due to corrugated tube sealed canceled has general spring sealed in the of moving ring sealed circle of effect, applies of media and the temperature greatly expanded, usually general mechanical sealed of moving ring sealed circle of material more used PTFE rubber, organic compounds, these organic compounds in some media in the, with media body produced chemical reactions, in low temperature and high temperature situation Xia, will change its physical performance, produced hardening makes sealed failure, and corrugated tube sealed can not by above factors of limit, usually applies Yu benzene, and ketone, and olefin , N-alkanes, and General oil, acid, alkali and salt and many other media and temperature range as well as by-250-450 degrees, of course, this requires a rigorous selection of corrugated metal pipe welding and hot repairable.

3, balance compared to the bellows seal and common seal, do not require processing steps on the sleeve itself can be a balanced diameter, at equilibrium (usually part of the balance) when the inner and outer diameter corrugated pipe parameters can be adjusted, achieve the ideal State, in application of bellows mechanical seals are generally balanced.

4, and leak points less moving ring and static ring sealed points are for metal (non-metallic) gasket through bolt tight solid way for sealed and joins, hard found leak situation, essentially corrugated tube machine seal of leak only friction Deputy this moving sealed points, undoubtedly of chances greatly reduced, and general mechanical sealed of leak channel main has three a: moving ring sealed circle, and static ring sealed circle and the mill wipe Deputy end surface. In this leak channels, dynamic and static secondary seal failure cause seal leakage leakage of total 40%.

5, shock resistance and high speed of bellows seal remove the seal ring is greatly reduced due to the pump body vibrating or axis caused by the earthquake ring seal ring arising from the transfer of vibrations, making rings from the effects of large, often called float.

When the bellows design into static structures with damping devices, dampers can be effectively prevented at high speed without resonating with the shaft and pump body, thus applying the line speed is greatly improved, the line speed up to 100M/S.

6, can reduce the spring pressure in the mechanical seal spring pressure in the process of using general design in 0.15MPa-0.25 MPa, bellows seal spring pressure is designed to 0.05-0.15 MPa between the bellows seal for static structure, spring pressure is obviously too small. Therefore, the friction heat generated by spring pressure decreases, reducing the surface temperature, so as to reduce the surface friction wear, reducing the mechanical power, improve the sealing performance and extend the service life of the seal

7, and itself can passed torque, in general mechanical sealed running in the, must additional passed sealed of structure, structure form variety, for example pulled fork, and PIN, and screws and the using solid tight to passed torque performance, general situation Xia not plus biography twist can normal using, structure Shang to simplified, avoid has passed structure failure caused of fault, improve has machine seal of reliability, dang corrugated tube machine seal of work pressure beyond Xu with torque Shi, often in structure Shang Sik Sik Yuen pulled fork, structure, increased its anti-torque of capacity and the stability, Play a secondary role is widely used in high pressure high speed sealing.

8, design the structure, reducing seal failure due to scaling: in many areas, due to poor water quality, scaling indices higher, coupled with the softening water treatment plant does not have a specific, general mechanical seal rings for auxiliary seal ring for water scaling in the failure of many has been a perennial problem.

Became cold-type or bellows sealed design of static structure, can effectively prevent them from scaling, if improper design or application, bellows seal is easy fouling, result in seal failure, it is recommended that when using a bellows, with cooling water as cooling water for the water, so bellows seal work environment will be greatly improved to extend service life.

9, and removed seal oil, save costs in high temperature and containing impurities of pump with General mechanical sealed in the, due to various auxiliary sealed circle and the mill wipe Deputy Group on by using temperature of limit often to friction Deputy around injected outside flush oil (seal oil), up to lubrication, reduced sealed cavity temperature established a for Yu the parts work of adapted environment, but due to seal oil flush caused funds large waste, select amount of corrugated tube sealed can not playing seal oil save large seal oil funds.

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