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Considerations for rubber hose
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 11, 2015

First, the considerations for using rubber hoses:

1, must be used within the recommended ranges of temperature and pressure hoses.

2, plastic tubes with the expansion and contraction of the internal pressure, move the hose cut to a length slightly longer than you need.

When pressure is applied, 3, slow pressure switch valve in order to avoid any impact.

4, rubber hoses in the bending radius is used under the above conditions, otherwise the hose breaks, reduced resistance to pressure.

5, when using powders, granules, under conditions likely to have signs of wear, try to enlarge the bending radius of the hose.

6, in the vicinity of metal parts, do not use in extreme bending State.

7, do not put the hose in direct contact with or near open flames.

8, do not use vehicle stepped on the rubber tube.

In view of the fluid:

1, the use of rubber hose to be used for the transportation of fluids.

2, when hose is used for oils, powders, toxic chemicals and strong acids or strong alkaline before, please consult the product provider.

Second, the considerations for Assembly:

1, please choose the right size of hose hose connector.

2, the caudal part of the connector when the hose is inserted, at the end of the hose and tube coating oil, do not use heat. If not inserted, inserted after the heater hose connector.

3, jagged tail portion of the connector completely into the plastic tube.

4, do not use a push into the joint may cause hose rupture.

5, avoid excessive use of wire ligation and select a dedicated socket or cable ties.

6, please avoid using a wound or rusted joints.

Three considerations for, check:

1, check before use: before using the hose, make sure the hose on the appearance of the with or without abnormal trauma, hardening, softening, color, and so on.

2 regularly check: during use in the hose, be sure to implement regular monthly checks 1.

Four, security matters:

1, operators must wear protective clothing, including gloves, rubber boots, protective eyewear, which is mainly used to protect the safety of the operator.

2, ensure safe and orderly workspace.

3, check each of the connectors on the tube is solid.

4, when not in use, don't pipe in a State of compression resistance. Closing pressure extension hoses (silicone hose, Teflon hose, rubber hose, food grade hoses, sanitary hose, thermoplastic rubber hoses, sanitary plastic hose) life.

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