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High pressure metal hose
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 11, 2015

A high pressure metal hose is made of high-pressure hose, metal, flexible metal conduit, fillers, bolted joint, Ferrule, sheathed, and high-pressure hose is made from a hollow tube around the compression spring, external metal snake pipe of high pressure tube, bolted joints at both ends of the hose connections, bolted joint Center and the hose connected to the channel. Between the high-pressure hose flexible metal conduit with metal filler. The advantages of the utility: can withstand high pressure and has a soft performance, easy to use installation.

Patent type: utility

Application (patent) number: CN91232649.2

Filing date: December 19, 1991

Open (notice) date: August 19, 1992

Open (notice) number: CN2113395

Classification of the main number: F16L11/00,F,F16,F16L,F16L11

Class number: F16L11/00,F,F16,F16L,F16L11

Application (patent) person: Shao Jian

Invention (design) person: Shao Jian

The principal applicant address: ping Chao Zhen tongyang road, Nantong County, Jiangsu Province, 226361, 5th

Country province code: Jiangsu (32)

Sovereignty items: a resistance high pressure metal hose, its features is high pressure metal hose is by high pressure tube, and metal snake skin tube, and filler, and bolt joint, and card sets, and nursing sets composition, high pressure tube is by hollow tube around made compression spring-like, in high pressure tube of external sets has metal snake skin tube, in high pressure tube of ends connection has bolt joint, bolt joint has Middle Channel and high pressure tube of channel connected pass.

Legal status: public, authorization, termination of patent rights (① unpaid annual fee patent termination)

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