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Hydraulic hose notes
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 11, 2015

First, the inner diameter of the pipe: the internal diameter of the hose.

Second, hose in use and design should pay attention to the following matters:

1, the bending radius of the hose should not be too small, General hydraulic hose assembly shall be not less than the values specified in the technical characteristics. Hose assembly and connection fitting there should be a direct part of this length should not be less than twice times the pipe diameter.

2, the length of the hose Assembly should be taken into account to the hose into the pressure oil, the length shrinkage will occur, General shrinkage tube length 3~4%. Hose assembly installation, the tension is not allowed.

3, hose assemblies should be installed to ensure torsional deformation does not occur. Hose connector the axis should be placed on the campaign plane, avoid each other at both ends when hose damage.

4, hose to avoid contact with sharp corners on the mechanical parts and friction, avoid pipe damage.

Third, security measures: to ensure the hose assembly is safe and reliable to use, the following special attention.

1, pressure hoses to work under the pressure usually cannot be less than the maximum system pressure, only in the case of infrequently used, it allows improved 20%; for frequent use, often twisted to reduce 40%. If system pressure is higher than the hose under pressure, not only decrease the service life of hydraulic hoses and may cause personal accidents.

2, temperature: temperature and ambient temperature, whether it is stable or transient, the temperature resistance of the hose shall not exceed limit, recommended temperature temperature is lower or higher than the hose, may reduce hose performance, cause damage to the hose, causing leaks.

3, fluid compatibility: fluid in the hose, it should conform to the sample in the "use" requirement made, beyond the specified use cannot guarantee the life and safety of the tube.

4, appropriate end connections: as the nut connection convenience, low cost and widely used, but under the condition of vibration, to take fully into account the nuts loosened problems, take the flange connection.

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