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Plastic coated metal hose industry challenges
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 11, 2015

Plastic coated metal hose is the traditional industry of China's hardware industry, in the context of global economic integration, sought to change the thinking of development of plastic coated metal hose industry, meet consumer demands at different levels, achieving plastic coated metal hose sound and fast development of the industry. Metal flexible conduit is strengthening cooperation with metal hose equipment, backward equipment, phased in computer management and semi-automated production and processing; the second is to increase investment in technological reform, particularly for large enterprises to actively introduce and absorb the advanced international level in the processing center; the third is in the product surface treatment and processing efforts, efforts to improve the durability and decorative products.

2011 is the "Twelve-Five" starting year, plastic coated metal hose industry, is both a challenge and an opportunity. Instruments, meters, sensors and other key industry rapid development and defense, security, financial systems, such as growing demand for metal hose products, plastic coated metal hose contains a huge potentials and endless business opportunities.

Plastic coated metal hose to accelerate adjustment of product structure

"Twelve-Five" is a plastic coated metal hose the critical period of development and upgrading of the industry, plastic coated metal hose industry will continue to adhere to market-oriented, speed up the adjustment of product structure. In recent years, market on high-end package plastic metal hose products needs to annual over 50% of speed growth, imports package plastic metal hose products also to annual 30% of speed increments, with Feng metal hose increased adjustment products structure efforts, put hi-tech, and high added value of products and car lock as development focus; in independent intellectual property Shang effort, formed himself of core technology and patent, speed up technology results of conversion speed, meet different level consumers of needs.

Improve overall quality of industry

Plastic coated metal hose industry focusing on talent support, improve the overall quality. In the "Twelve-Five" period, plastic coated metal hose industry not only to bring in some industries, enterprises need high-level professionals, to speed up the cultivation of enterprises shortage, creating a good quality lock staff, for plastic coated metal flexible conduit industries sustainable development provide strong technical support.

Innovative marketing mode

Plastic coated metal hose will be branded as a link, innovative marketing mode. Plastic coated metal hose industry brand enterprises as bond, innovation marketing, traditional physical markets, stores, franchise and the role of various exhibitions platform; use of modern network and information technology, develop the Internet trading platform. In the "Twelve-Five" period, collaboration with the metal flexible conduit to establish and improve the system lengthen and improve the industrial chain.

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