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How Many Years Can Hydraulic Hose Keep?
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

For those who understand the hydraulic hose know that the production of its mainly by the liquid-resistant inner layer, the middle layer, 2 or 4 or 6 layers of wire wound reinforced layer, outer layer composition, the inner layer with the transmission medium To withstand the pressure to protect the wire from the role of erosion, the outer layer of protective steel wire is not damaged, the steel layer is a skeleton material from the enhanced role.

So after understanding the basic content, how many years can we know how much hydraulic hose can be kept? First, the hydraulic hose used in the assembly assembly must be within 4 years, which is calculated from the date of production of the hydraulic hose. Moreover, the hydraulic hose assembly from the date of production from the date of its use of not more than 6 years, in the six years, the storage time shall not exceed 2 years.

 Hydraulic hose is mainly produced by the oil-resistant rubber, with anti-corrosion characteristics, most of them are a layer or a multi-layer composition, the more layers the more high temperature conditions better, and the tensile strength is also very high, hydraulic Hose can withstand a variety of gasoline, oil, etc., the product has a good flexibility of the performance, manufacturers of mold development, the newly developed products can quickly respond to the various needs of customers, is widely used in various industries of hydraulic engineering in.

Hydraulic hose generally a length of 30 meters, if there is a special request for the length of the other can be customized, and because the hose is often used in oil field mining, a variety of oil medium transport, so that cleaning hydraulic hose Is also a major operation, as a portable pneumatic tools, the choice for the cleaning of the host, to be easy to use, when used with the advantages of light, people can more quickly clean up the dirt products, of course, for the traditional Cleaning process mostly pickling phosphating, in the installation before the need for oil, in the pipeline before the pipeline because of storage for some time there will be dust or moisture, if you use our product cleaning will greatly save the required string of oil and filter paper The number of hydraulic hose after cleaning can effectively reduce costs, increase efficiency, will not cause clogging and if the hydraulic hose of the braid layer above 6 layers are all enhanced layer, such products to be more common products The price is higher but the quality is better we can buy the situation.

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