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Classification Of Braided Hose
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 11, 2015

Braided hose in accordance with the above features can be divided into single-head pipe, hose, shower hose. Braided hose according to the production process can be divided into low, medium, high, third. Braided hose in the material used on the low end of the low diameter thin aluminum wire, iron nut, zinc alloy core, as well as the rubber inner tube. This product has a certain price advantage, but lowest grade, are prone to leaking, oxidation and other issues. Mid-range main 304 wire braided, EPDM material, copper accessories. General, the term applies more than 5 years. Premium braided hose has a specific purpose, such as braided hose of the filter. General requirements in the mid-range configuration first, configure common 304 stainless steel wire, food-grade silicone tube, food grade PEX-B tube, 58-3 copper fittings, silicone gaskets.

Braided hose according to the purpose can be divided into single-head pipe, hose, shower pipe (shower hose). Single-head tube is mainly used for mixer, sink, kitchen hardware, her name comes from the side teeth, also known as pole, single head tube on the weave requires 304 stainless steel wire, EPDM inner pipe and fittings for copper, braided stainless steel and synthetic weaving basket (aluminum wire), is divided into upper and lower, and so on. Shower tube there are 201 and 304 stainless steel braided, EPDM inner tube, copper fittings. "Shower hose is made of 58-3 copper accessories, EPDM inner pipe, 201 and 304 stainless steel woven together, of course, also includes high-end copper braid, gold-plated and stainless steel products, these are relatively high-end products in the braided hose.

Braided tubing is typically used to perform standard GB/T23448-2009 or JC886-2001, weavers tubes are mainly used in sanitation or drinking water equipment and water supply connection, water through the pipeline after direct contact with the human skin or drink. Inner tube materials in contact with water is crucial. Existing national standards or construction standards require inner tubes materials required to meet the GBT17219-1998 drinking water transmission and distribution equipment and protective materials safety evaluation standards, to ensure that water is not contaminated. In Europe, Germany for braided pipes put forward higher requirements, particularly in connection with drinking water hose, W270 microbial toxicity tests require inner tubes, at the request of the original raw materials such as PVC,EPDM have been able to meet the requirements. European markets are now generally use a new inner tube material is silicone tube or PEX-B pipes, due to the silicone tube is too high, so now the European market PEX-B will be the future trend. Including, of course, European countries and other developed countries.

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