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Experts Help You Analyze Why Hydraulic Hose Fail
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

Hydraulic hose are often used in projects such as pumps, excavators and loaders, but it is still not being taken seriously; if there is a breakage, leakage, or loosening in the course of use Failure, they often do not analyze the reasons will be asked to replace the new, this has been repeated, this situation is not only for the user, for us is not a good phenomenon, to avoid.

We often see the hydraulic hose is divided into rubber tube and plastic pipe, plastic pipe cheap, easy to install, but the carrying capacity is poor, easy to aging, only applies to the return pipe or drain pipe; rubber tube high pressure hose and low pressure hose two Species, high pressure hose generally by the outer layer, steel wire reinforced layer, the middle layer and the inner layer of four components. The inner layer is directly in contact with the hydraulic oil and is generally made of synthetic rubber. Hose failure is generally manifested in the following four aspects: the outer layer of the fault, the inner layer of the fault, to strengthen the fault layer, the breakdown of the fault. Hydraulic hose failure causes and countermeasures are as follows:

1 outer layer of the fault

(1) hydraulic hose appearance cracks

The main reason for the appearance of the crack in the hydraulic hose is that the hose is bent in a cold environment. If you find the appearance of the hose crack, pay attention to observe the hose rubber is crack, decide whether to replace the hose immediately.

(2) the outer surface of the hydraulic hose appears bubbling

The reason for the bulging of the outer surface of the hydraulic hose is that the hose quality is unqualified or improperly used at work. If the bubble appears in the middle of the hose, mostly for the production of hose quality problems, should be replaced by qualified hose; if the bubble appears in the hose connector, it is likely to be improper connection caused by the connector. Hydraulic hose connector number is often removable, with two types of buckle. The detachable pipe joint is made of hexagon in the outer part of the jacket and the joint core, which is easy to disassemble the hose. The buckle pipe joint is composed of the joint jacket and the joint core, and the outer layer is stripped at the time of assembly. , So that the hose to get a certain amount of compression.

(3) hydraulic hose is not broken but a lot of oil leakage

Hydraulic hose a lot of oil leakage but did not find the rupture, the reason is the hose through the high pressure liquid flow, the rubber was eroded, abrasions, until a large area of leakage of wire layer led to a large number of oil leakage. This failure generally occurs at the bend of the pipe and should be checked for replacement of the hydraulic hose and to ensure that the bending radius of the hose in use meets the technical requirements.

(4) hydraulic hose outside the layer of severe deterioration, the surface appears micro-crack This is the natural aging of the hose performance. As the aging of the deterioration, the outer layer of continuous oxidation of its surface covered with a layer of ozone, with the extension of time and thicker, the hose in use as long as a slight bending, it will produce small cracks. In case of this, replace the hose.

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