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Hand To Teach You How To Install The Hydraulic Hose
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

Hydraulic hose mainly by the liquid-resistant inner layer, the middle layer, 2 or 4 or 6 layers of steel wire wound reinforcement layer, the outer layer composition, the inner layer with the transmission medium to withstand the pressure to protect the wire from erosion, The outer layer protects the steel wire from damage, and the steel layer is the reinforcing material of the skeleton material.

Hydraulic hose type, models have been introduced before, then you know how many years can the hydraulic hose can be kept? First, the hydraulic hose used in the assembly assembly must be within 4 years, which is calculated from the date of production of the hydraulic hose. Moreover, the hydraulic hose assembly from the date of production time, its useful life shall not exceed 6 years, in the 6 years, the storage time shall not exceed 2 years.

The installation of the hydraulic hose can be a technical live, every step must be very careful, in accordance with the norms to operate, can not make a little mistake. Below, the technician will teach you how to install the method.

1, hanging.

One end of the suspension is connected to the suspension rod and the other end is connected to a rope and suspended from a derrick not less than 15 meters from the wellhead. In the free state, the center of the main jaw is about 0.5 meters from the center of the wellhead.

2, leveling.

Screw the leveling screw so that the Hefei hydraulic tubing clamp reaches the horizontal position for operation.

3, the end of the rope.

One end of the tail rope is attached to the derrick and the other end is connected to the rear guide post of the back pliers. The tail rope should be opposite the operator and be kept perpendicular to the hydraulic tubing clamp. Set the tail rope by adjusting the length of the tail rope for the shackle in the event of an accident, can control the hydraulic pipe clamp about the amplitude of the swing to ensure the safety of the operator.

4, connect the hydraulic oil pipeline.

Hydraulic motor piping interface "O" connected to the oil pressure high pressure hose; into the high pressure hose nominal diameter should be greater than 20 mm, return oil high pressure hose nominal diameter should be greater than 25 mm, so as to ensure the installation continues.

This is the entire installation process, in fact, have a special technical staff to install, of course, they can learn to operate.

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