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How Is The Hydraulic Hose Clean?
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2017

Hydraulic hose cleaning is very important, hydraulic hose in terms of industry is equivalent to the blood vessels in the human body. Once the blood vessels do not clean phenomenon, then people will get sick, the reason is the same.

Hydraulic hose is not clean will cause hydraulic oil pollution, contaminated hydraulic oil will block the hydraulic components, affecting the normal movement of the actuator. Hydraulic hose is not clean will produce abnormal vibration and noise, this is because the hydraulic pump suction is not smooth reasons. In addition, the hydraulic hose is not clean and lead to impurities into the hydraulic pump to speed up the wear and tear, with the gap increases, causing internal leakage, greatly reducing the life of the hydraulic system. But also cause the difficulty of cleaning. The other will damage a lot of tight components, resulting in damage to components, increase the cost of maintenance. If the hydraulic hose is dirty, it will cause the "system" of the hydraulic system. According to the statistics show that the hydraulic hose is not clean problems caused by hydraulic system failure accounted for 60% of the proportion.

Hydraulic hose medium temperature oil -40 degrees to 100 degrees; air -30 degrees to 50 degrees, water 0 degrees to 80 degrees. Medium to the hydraulic power transmission or transmission of water, gas, oil and other high-pressure medium to ensure that the liquid circulation and the transmission of liquid energy.

The environment has four necessary factors for the existence of hydraulic hoses:

First, the hydraulic hose selection of special synthetic rubber with, made of excellent oil, heat, aging resistance.

Second, the hose pressure is high, pulse performance is superior.

Third, the tube body with close, the use of soft, small deformation under pressure.

Fourth, the hydraulic hose has excellent resistance to winding and fatigue resistance.

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