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Hydraulic Hose Assembly Problem Is More Important
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Hydraulic hose assembly problem is more important, hydraulic hose assembly properly, to extend the service life of hydraulic hose, improve the efficiency of use, reduce the occurrence of failure. In contrast to improper assembly of hydraulic hose, hydraulic hose can cause premature damage, which can lead to oil spills, increase the number of repairs and replacements, and increase economic costs.

Hydraulic hose assembly, if the buckle pressure is too small, that is, between the joint and hydraulic hose pressure too loose, the role of hydraulic pressure in the early use of the hose may be out of the joint; if the amount of pressure is too large , The joints and hydraulic hose pressure too tight, easy to lead to local damage to the inner layer of hydraulic hose, resulting in cracks, high pressure oil from the rupture directly into the wire layer, and then along the gap between the wire to the tail of the jacket, Or have been along the wire layer to a place to accumulate, so that the outer plastic drums or even rupture. Hydraulic hose and fittings in the assembly, if the buckle speed too fast, likely to cause damage to the inner rubber and wire layer fracture, so that the hose in the use of premature damage.

When assembling the hydraulic hose joint, in addition to ensuring the proper principle of elasticity, but also pay attention to select the matching hose connector, to avoid the choice of material does not affect the hydraulic hose connector assembly problems.

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