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Hydraulic Hose Assembly You Do Not Know The Daily Life Required
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

See the hydraulic hose assembly this relatively uncommon name, you may not understand. But it's really common among us to live. Although it is only an auxiliary tool, but the practicality is very strong.

General hydraulic hose assembly is used in the mine hydraulic support, oil field mining, suitable for engineering construction, lifting transport, etc., hear here you are not feeling far away from our lives? In fact, hydraulic hose assembly in daily life can also be used. We know that the hydraulic hose assembly is used in some large-scale construction, which is its high quality requirements. For example, it is one of the features that can work in the -40 ℃ to + 100 ℃ operating conditions, and in order to achieve this point hydraulic hose assembly is generally resistant to liquid synthetic rubber inner layer, Ⅰ to Ⅵ layer of steel wire weaving reinforcement layer, and weather resistance excellent synthetic rubber outer layer composition. So that we can draw two conclusions, that is one of its good quality, and its resistance to high and low temperature.

In the north, especially in winter, often rupture. And because now the decoration of the house, in order to beautiful will be hidden in the water pipe wall, once the problem will lead to repair difficulties, if their hydraulic system using hydraulic hose assembly then no longer have to worry about this problem. For example, in the northeastern part of Heilongjiang and so on to the winter is often minus tens of degrees Celsius, outdoor water pipes or something, if not resistant to this arctic temperature will bring great trouble for their lives.

Pengcheng hydraulic production of hydraulic hose assembly with these two advantages, can be used in the lives of countless places.

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