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Hydraulic Hose In The Use, Storage And Storage Needs
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

Ultra-high hydraulic hose on the use, storage and storage of the specific needs are mainly reflected in the following six areas:

First, the ultra-high pressure cleaner in the working conditions, the hose can not be distorted, and try to prevent twists and turns. If necessary, twists and turns, it is necessary to ensure that the tortuous radius is not too small, usually not less than 15 times the tube diameter, otherwise it will lead to reinforcement layer outside the wire is stretched, the inner wire will be compressed, and then reduce the hydraulic hose Compressive strength, after all, affect the use of hose life.

Second, the ultra-high pressure cleaner in the working conditions, the high pressure hose can not be heavy objects rolling, sharp knives, do not bend, to maintain the outer layer should not wear excessive; suspension use of high-pressure pipe to short distance fixed solid.

Third, in the specific cleaning work during the operation, to try to prevent frequent open and closed high pressure spray gun, in order to reduce the impact of pressure on the hose, and then extend the life of the hose.

Fourth, in order to prevent the onset of trouble, to prevent the joints fall or damage when wounding, hydraulic hose should be in the convergence of the wire with a woven jacket to connect two.

Fifth, in the installation and disassembly of ultra-high pressure hose connection, can not demolish the strong twist, to maintain the thread of the threaded thread, together with the need to install the device outside the thread to change the smooth appearance of viscous oil, open the use of maintenance after maintenance Threading.

Sixth, the hydraulic hose in the case of long-term use, probably emptying the internal water, in accordance with the rules of the size of the hose will be stacked after the volume plate. Special attention is the need for ultra-high pressure hose connector adjacent parts of the twists and turns, joints should be modified rust oil to prevent exposure to high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosive media.

Above six points is our use of hydraulic hose, storage and storage needs to make a summary, hope to help everyone.

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