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Hydraulic Hoses Often Distorted During Assembly
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

The service life of the hydraulic hose assembly depends on its conditions of use. The hose assembly often appear leakage, kink, abrasions, wear or other damage and pipe related. The correct piping method can effectively reduce the personal injury or property damage caused by the failure of the hose assembly.

Hydraulic hose assembly structure

Excavator Commonly used hydraulic hose assembly structure generally consists of a synthetic rubber inner layer, used to keep the fluid in the tube, the inner layer of the outer layer of steel with the reinforcement layer to resist the pressure inside the tube, according to the different specifications Set up to several layers. Inside the 20t excavator on the main road with the hose F781, for example, it has four or six layers of high-strength wire wound layer, synthetic rubber inner rubber layer, outer layer. Generally its maximum working pressure is 35.0Mpa, the minimum burst pressure 140.0Mpa.

From the above we can know the structure of the hydraulic hose, hydraulic hose distortion should first be the first layer of reinforced steel wire weaving density, and hydraulic hose pressure from the enhanced layer. The weaving density of the reinforcing layer is not uniform, and the pressure of the hydraulic hose is weak. Twisted and stretched as well as the reinforcement layer and the outer layer split, and even crack. High pressure oil may cause serious personal injury. From the needle eye injection of hydraulic oil and even difficult to see with the naked eye, but it can penetrate the skin into the body. Tube, if distorted, should be adjusted in time. The cause of the hydraulic hose twist, mostly from the joints. The machining error of the 24-degree cone often causes the core and the rotary nut to rotate together. If the galvanized layer of the joint is off, or the oil will also make the core and the rotating nut.

Hydraulic hose deformation is generally from the external force, the tube as far as possible to avoid possible external force into.

 Hydraulic hoses are an important part of the hydraulic system of the excavator. There are frequent faults such as leakage, crack, rupture and loosening. However, people often do not analyze the cause of the malfunction and simply replace the hose. failure. Hydraulic hose loose or rupture, not only a waste of hydraulic oil, pollute the environment, but also affect the efficiency, and even accidents, endanger human safety. Reasonable pipe, reducing the defects due to pipe and hydraulic hose on the life of the impact. The quality of the excavator in the assembly of every small part.

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