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Komatsu Pure Hydraulic Hose Effect
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

Construction machinery is through the hydraulic system to operate, the hydraulic hose will be hydraulic (= force) from the main pump to the control

Valve, and then reach the motor, fuel tank and other components, if the hydraulic hose damage and rupture, your machine will not

Can work again.

Machine downtime!

Liquid hydraulic hoses are key components! The

Komatsu machines, especially hydraulic excavators, operate through hydraulic systems. Hydraulic excavator can not move without hydraulic pressure

(Walking motor) and realization (hydraulic cylinder) operation. The hose moves the hydraulic pressure from the pump to the travel motor and the worker through the control valve

The hydraulic cylinder of the device, etc., if the hydraulic hose rupture, the machine will no longer work. Sometimes the user will be soft

Tubes are treated as fragile parts like bucket teeth and chassis, and they tend to replace the hose before the hose is damaged or leaked.

We need to emphasize that hydraulic hoses are used as part of a machine, and preventive replacement can save downtime. Withstand high temperature, low pressure ~ high pressure

• toughness

• absorb vibration and noise

• preservative

- liquid

- harsh environments such as hot and ultraviolet

- external contact (scratches, friction, impact, etc.)

This is because Komatsu machines are not "road trucks and agricultural machines" but "engineering and mining machines".

Compared with the road truck, Komatsu machine in the hydraulic oil temperature is higher, higher frequency of work devices and high and low temperature ring

Environment and other more harsh environment operations.

Therefore, the ordinary hydraulic hose can not be used for Komatsu machines. They are not the same specifications of the hose, they are in the hose size, hose pressure, connector type, type of protection are different. Seemingly pipe, joints almost, in fact, vary widely. Often customers say that our pipes are more expensive than the market, it is not true, the quality determines the price.

In general, the hoses around the working device (bucket, stick and boom) are high pressure and larger diameter hoses. The other party

Face, lower pressure and small diameter hoses for PPC tubing.

Taking into account the pressure, size and heat resistance, we must choose the correct hose to minimize the user's operating costs and

Maximize machine performance.

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