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Plastic Coated Metal Hose Products
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 11, 2015

Plastic coated metal hose material of the main parts made of austenitic stainless steel, thus ensuring excellent plastic coated metal hose temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, plastic coated metal hose operating temperatures range greatly, for-196-600, in actual use, based on the media select the corrosion of stainless steel grades, you can ensure the corrosion resistance of coated metal hose.

Package plastic metal hose using range: need full flexible sex of conveying tube, prevent vibration at matching, in steam, and gas, and air, and heavy oil, and oil, and chemical class, are can using, specific selection Shi reference hose material machine resistance corrosion performance parameter table and the corrugated package plastic metal hose of nominal pass diameter and pressure table, using Shi please reference package plastic metal hose of right using and installation method and hose in settlement compensation Shi of best length. Plastic coated metal hose (stainless steel plastic coated metal hose) selection of five elements:

Plastic coated metal hose nominal passes the diameter 1, size, connector types and sizes. plastic coated metal hose length.

2 actual working pressure, pressure plastic coated metal hose, use the nominal working pressure PN/pressure p.

3, medium plastic coated metal hose in the chemical properties of the transmission medium, according to the resistance table, decides the components of plastic coated metal hose material.

4, temperature medium temperature in the plastic coated metal hose and range of plastic coated metal hose of the ambient temperature. High temperature, temperature correction coefficient, determines the maximum pressure operating temperature allows to determine the proper pressure rating.

5, according to the use of plastic coated metal hose, light plastic coated metal hose correctly installed. plastic coated metal hose length of various State calculation of factors such as plastic coated metal hose minimum bend radius parameter to select the correct plastic coated metal hose length, and properly installed. Pack plastic hose

Pack plastic hose

Plastic coated metal hose material: SUS301/SUS304; inner diameter 4mm-10MM polished.

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