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PVC Steel Wire Tube
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 11, 2015

PVC wire tube is we often said of PVC wire enhanced tube, its pipe for three layer structure, both inside and outside two layer is PVC soft quality plastic, Middle a layer is wire enhanced structure, or is wire network or is spiral wire, so its formed of pipe also on has has several call: PVC wire tube, and PVC wire enhanced tube, and PVC wire spiral enhanced tube, and PVC wire network enhanced hose, and PVC wire network hose,. Enhanced wire layer actually increases resulting in a PVC pipe in intensity, wind resistant, quality of certain changes took place, such as modified or reinforced PVC pipes.

PVC steel wire tube is a new PVC reinforced materials, resilience and hardness have a very good improvement. Heavy is the most important means of production in the steel tube, which markets major types of steel pipe in high pressure steel pipe, low pressure steel pipe, tube and wire skeleton transparent steel pipe, used in different environments in different ways, the new PVC steel wire tube is now the most widely used products.

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