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The Choice Of Hydraulic Hose Should Depend On The Needs Of The Use
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

According to the specific use of the appropriate choice of hydraulic hose, for special use (if there is special medium), such as the use of larger vibration, to consider the nut loose, consider taking the flange connection.

The choice of hydraulic hose bending radius should not be too small, the total length of the hydraulic hose need to consider, consider the hose shrinkage and deformation, does not allow the hydraulic hose in the state of tension. Considering a variety of factors, we must meet the actual needs, but also to avoid increasing procurement costs. So that the hydraulic hose in the case of normal pressure work, or easy to reduce the service life of hydraulic hoses, the occurrence of security incidents. Pay attention to the use of hydraulic hose temperature, to avoid the fluid temperature and ambient temperature exceeds the hose temperature limit, otherwise it will reduce performance, resulting in damage. Hydraulic hose should be used to pay attention to not contact with the sharp parts of the mechanical contact and friction, otherwise it will damage the hose.

Hydraulic hose are important components of construction machinery such as concrete pump, excavator, loader and so on. However, it is often not taken seriously by people. It is often not analyzed when there is leakage, crack, rupture and loosening in use. The cause of the malfunction is simply to replace the hose, and the same failure will be repeated shortly after use. Hydraulic hose loose or broken, not only a waste of oil, pollute the environment, but also affect the efficiency, and even accidents, endanger human safety.

Hydraulic hose failure analysis reasons: improper use, system design unreasonable and hose manufacturing failure and so on. Hydraulic hose in use if the use of improper impact on the pipe, the following we have to analyze this issue:

First, the characteristics of the pipe were analyzed. Hose is divided into rubber tube and plastic pipe, plastic pipe cheap, easy to install, but the carrying capacity is poor, easy to aging, only applies to the return pipe or drain pipe; rubber tube high pressure hose and low pressure hose two, high pressure hose generally The outer layer, the steel reinforcing layer, the middle layer and the inner layer. The inner layer is directly in contact with the hydraulic oil and is generally made of synthetic rubber.

The carrying capacity of the hose depends on the reinforcement layer, which is the skeleton of the hose, which is usually woven or wound with steel wire. Most of the high-pressure steel wire braid for the skeleton, high pressure, high pressure and more use of wire wound skeleton. The outer layer is generally made of rubber with good wear resistance and good corrosion resistance to ensure that the reinforcement layer is not damaged by mechanical damage, chemical corrosion, damp rust, low pressure hose to weave cotton, twine instead of braided steel wire, pipeline. Hose failure is generally manifested in the following four aspects: the outer layer of the fault, the inner layer of the fault, to strengthen the fault layer, the breakdown of the fault.

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