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The Main Types Of Large Diameter High Pressure Spiral Hose Anticorrosive Coatings
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

Large diameter High Pressure Spiral Hose corrosion refers to the use and transportation of large diameter High Pressure Spiral Hose in the use of the environment and the transmission medium of the lead to the chemical or electrochemical reaction occurred in the pipeline corrosion. In order to effectively prevent or control large-diameter High Pressure Spiral Hose corrosion, scientists are seeking a new, higher and more effective way.

The new large-diameter High Pressure Spiral Hose anti-corrosion technology has emerged, in general, can be divided into the following types:

1, grease coating - for corrosion resistance is not demanding in the atmosphere.

Grease coating is a kind of coating with dry oil as the main film. It is characterized by easy production, good brushing, good wettability to the surface, cheap, flexible paint; but the film dry slow, film soft, poor mechanical properties, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance and resistance Poor organic solvent. Dry oil often with anti-rust paint with anti-rust paint, corrosion resistance is not demanding for the atmosphere.

2, the country paint

Raw paint, also known as raw lacquer, large paint, is one of our specialty. Raw lacquer is a kind of milky white viscous liquid flowing from the growing lacquer tree to cut out the bark. It is painted on the surface of the object, the color quickly from white to red, from purple to purple, longer time can become a hard bright black paint film.

Urushiol is the main component of raw lacquer, the content of 30% to 70%. Generally speaking, the higher the content of enamel, the better the quality of lacquer.

Strong adhesion of the paint, the film tough, shiny, it is resistant to soil corrosion, more water, oil. Disadvantages are toxic, easy to make people skin allergies. In addition it is not resistant to strong oxidants, poor alkali resistance. Now there are many modified lacquer coating, to varying degrees to overcome the above shortcomings.

3, phenolic resin coating

Mainly alcohol-soluble phenolic resin, modified phenolic resin, pure phenolic resin. Alcohol-soluble phenolic resin coating corrosion resistance is better, but the construction inconvenience, flexibility, adhesion is not very good, the application subject to certain restrictions. So often need to modify the phenolic resin. Such as rosin modified phenolic resin and tung oil refining, adding a variety of pigments, grinding can be made by a variety of enamel, the film tough, low prices, widely used in furniture, doors and windows of the painting. Pure phenolic resin coating strong adhesion, water resistance to heat, corrosion resistance, good weather resistance.

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