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What Are The High Pressure Spiral Hose Tubes Used For?
Hebei Siberia Special Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 26, 2017

High Pressure Spiral Hose are essential in everyday life and can be used in many places. High Pressure Spiral Hose are divided into: fiber reinforced polyurethane hoses, fiber reinforced nylon hoses, steel reinforced polyurethane hoses, steel reinforced nylon soft Tube, wire wound resin hose, food grade hose.

Performance: Good oil resistance. Heat resistance and aging resistance, high pressure, excellent pulse performance.

High Pressure Spiral Hose Product features: smooth appearance, bending radius is small, a variety of hose minimum burst pressure is working pressure 3 times, High Pressure Spiral Hose performance is a good oil, heat and aging resistance, to withstand high pressure, pulse Excellent performance.

High Pressure Spiral Hose Uses: mainly used in the automotive industry, engineering machinery, lifting transport machinery, high-pressure conveyor liquid drive, do high-pressure paint dedicated pipe.

 High Pressure Spiral Hose when used, should pay attention to what? I will answer for you: High Pressure Spiral Hose is an ancient and common seepage monitoring equipment, it depends on the height of the water column to indicate the size of the osmotic pressure. In the observation of the original structure of the hydraulic building, the piezometer is often used to monitor the groundwater level, dam infiltration line, pore water pressure, seepage around the dam, dam foundation seepage pressure, concrete gate dam pressure, tunnel culvert external water pressure.

High Pressure Spiral Hose use Note:

(1) for the purpose of osmotic pressure monitoring should be clear, the formation of observation section, measuring points should be specific to the dam, dam foundation, around the dam or fault specific measurement points, the specific physical quantity, measuring points should be based on norms, experience combined with specific Project to be determined.

(2) the construction requirements are very high, we must ensure that the construction quality. Must be used regularly when the sensitivity test and inlet and nozzle elevation check.

(3) As the temperature monitoring data in the seepage analysis of the important role of more and more obvious in the instrument selection and measurement methods must pay attention.

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